Schneider Infosystems Ltd.

The company

The company Schneider Infosystems Ltd. was formed in December 1999 by the three founders Christoph Schneider, Giulio Grassi and Adrian Moos. The capital stock is held fully by the founders and whose environment. The main target of the company is to develop information systems and to offer development services for other firms.


Christoph Schneider
Christoph Schneider, 1966
M.Sc. Computer Science (Dipl. Inf. phil. nat.)
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (El. Ing. HTL)

Christoph Schneider

The company's location

Our office is located in the city of Baar in Central Switzerland.

Our office

Correspondent Bank

Informationen for the payment of our invoices are available here: Outlinetopay.pdf

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