Plan PowerPoint and Video Switches in the Calendar...

Agend program screen
Figure 1: Calendar view of planned switches
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In a clearly arranged calendar you define the start time of your presentations.

Due to concept that the planning tool - the Agenda - and the display control - the Scheduler - can run separately on different PC's connected by a network, a continuous programming without intermit the display is supported. In this Network Operation Mode you are able to instantaneously show a new presentation or a new important ticker message.

By the default the Scheduler shows repetitively the presentation from the defined time until the start time of the next presentation. Alternatively you have the possibility to show a presentation only one cycle or for a predefined duration. Do you want to show several presentations and videos consecutively as sequence? The sequence group switch supports this. The audio switch allows to emphasis your presentation by an audio track or by music from an Internet radio station.

At the time of entry you decide if the new switch appears immediately at the start time or if the running presentation or the video shall be finished before. The Agenda supports the entering of repetitive switches and sequences.

Optional the scheduler turns on your flat screen or projector in the morning and turns it off in the evening at defined times. To support this feature your display unit needs an RS232 interface for the functionality of remote control.

To have an overview of the scheduled switches three different views are available: daily, weekly or monthly view. Furthermore you have the possibility to switch between the calendar and the list display. The Scheduler continuously logs all running switches. Afterwards, the executed switches can be shown as a list or within a statistical view. This statistical view informs about how often and how long a presentation or a video was shown.

By using the Network Mode the Agenda offers a continuous monitoring of the Scheduler. The ongoing presentation screen will be shown together with information about the past and the upcoming switches.