PowerPoint-Scheduler fits your demand...

The System PowerPoint-Scheduler is highly flexible and can grow with your needs. For this PowerPoint Scheduler provides the tree modes Desktop, Network and Multiserver.

Figure 1: Scheduler with additional supervising monitor in Desktop Mode

The Desktop Mode allows autonomous operation without network. You plan your switches regularly - for example once a week - in the Agenda in advance. During this planning, the scheduler will be stopped temporarily. If a second monitor is connected to the Scheduler PC, it displays additional information about the executed switches and the pending next switches.

The Network Mode allows a local separation of the switch planning and the display unit. While the Scheduler plays continually the Agenda needs to be started on an office PC only during planning or supervising. Usually after planning of a new switch the media files will be automatically copied to the Scheduler PC. Alternatively you also can store the media files on your central server.

For small distances between Scheduler and Agenda PC a connection over local area can be used. For greater distance between Scheduler and Agenda PC the connection can also be established by use of the Internet. In case a new media file is planned, which has not been already transferred, the corresponding files will be transferred automatically from the Agenda PC to the Scheduler PC by using the File Transfer Protocol.

Do you want to run multiple displays simultaneously with different content at different locations? The Multiserver Version allows the concurrent administration of 2 to 16 Scheduler PCs by one Agenda. Thereby for the connections between the Scheduler PCs and the Agenda both types Internet and local area network can be used concurrently. In particular, multiple Scheduler PCs which are connected together in one local area network can be controlled by an Agenda which is located far away from the Scheduler's building by us of an Internet connection.

The Scheduler can be supervised by any connected Agenda in the Network- and Multiserver-Mode because the information of the second supervising monitor will be transmitted to the Agenda as well. Do you want control one or more displays by more than one Agenda workstation at the same time? The Network Version already offers simultaneously access up to 4 Agendas to one Scheduler.