PowerPoint-Scheduler product editions and prices

The following feature matrix provides information about functions and shows the differences between the four product editions Light, Desktop, Network and Multiserver. You find the prices for the licenses at the bottom line of the table. If you need more than one license you get already a discount for the 2nd license. Note that you need an own license for each display unit (Scheduler). The Agenda is free and can be installed on any number of PCs.

Product Editions
Feature Light Desktop Network Multiserver
Scheduler Show time controlled PowerPoint presentation1) and video files2) and video stream3) yes yes yes yes
Sequence group: Show a list of PowerPoint presentations and video files as repetitive sequence yes yes yes yes
Remote control (e.g. turn on/off) of the display unit by using the RS232 interface4). - yes yes yes
Play time controlled audio files5) and audio streams6) yes yes yes yes
Audio volume profiles: Configure the sound level for each media file type. - - yes yes
Ticker message8) overlaid over the running presentation or video. - - yes yes
Agenda List executed switches. yes yes yes yes
Statistics9) of presented media files. - yes yes yes
Monitoring the schedulers in network mode - - yes yes
Operation Mode Single site operation: Scheduler and Agenda runs on same PC. yes yes yes yes
Local network: Separation of Scheduler and Agenda - Ongoing planning without interruption of the display. - - yes yes
Internet network connection between Scheduler and Agenda for higher distances outside of a building. - - yes yes
Control several Schedulers10) by one Agenda. - - - yes
Preise USDPrice for the first license835.001000.001500.001585.00
Prices for 2nd-4th license695.00833.001250.001320.00
Prices for 5th-9th license555.00666.001000.001055.00
Prices for 10th license and more415.00500.00750.00790.00

Notes to the feature matrix:

1) Following file types are supported: PPTX and PPSX and for Office 2007 PPT/PPS.
2) The viewable Video formats depend on the installed video codecs. As default the formats MP4, WMV, AVI and MPEG are supported.
3) Supports the M3U/M3U8 playlist format. Please note that MMS (Microsoft Media Server) and the flash video format is not (longer) supported.
4) Precondition: The display unit requires an RS-232 interface for remote control. The remote control commands are configurable.
5) Supports the M3U/M3U8 playlist format. Please note that the formats of MMX, WinAmp and others are not (longer) supported.
6) Playable audio formats depend on the installed audio codecs. As default the formats MP3, WMA, WAV and SND are supported.
7) Distinct media types for PowerPoint and video: PPTX, PPT, PPSX, PPS, WMV, AVI, MPEG
8) The graphical appearance of the ticker message display can be adjusted as follows: Band size and vertical position, read speed, font type, font color and band color as well as transparency degree.
9) Informs about number of shows and repetitions, total duration with first and last show time.
10) The Agenda supports the simultaneous connection to 2 up a maximum of 16 Schedulers.
Prices and features are subject to change.

System requirements for PowerPoint-Scheduler:

All product editions are based on following installation requirements. Be aware that in use of the network version Microsoft PowerPoint® need to be installed on all PCs.

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