With P@rocessExplorer keep the overview to your processes inside Windows...

P@rocessExplorer is a system tool which gives you an overview which application and processes at current time are running. Comprehensive information will be shown in similar way as this the windows explorer for files and directories does: E.g. who is the manufacturer of a program? In which folder is a program saved?


The user can assess the activity of processes and recognize unused applications or dangerous applications. If necessary a process can be terminated immediately. The advanced user can optimize his system for his usage. P@rocessExplorer assesses each running process for the dangerous of virus. For this purpose the file version block will be analyzed. Small virus programs do not have such file version block commonly. For documentation the current system state can reported into a file.

P@rocessExplorer is available as Freeware version. You can load this software without any charge from this page. Start the installation program directly out of the web browser.

System requirements: