T@imeCalc Frequently Asked Questions - The answers

How can I reinstall a new empty database or a demo database?

When working with T@imeCalc it may happen that you want to reinstall the base state of the database like it was after the first installation of T@imeCalc. To do so remove first all the database files from the database directory (default: "DB" in the directory "TimeCalc"). When restarting T@imeCalc the installation wizard will be launched because the database directory does not lead to a valid T@imeCalc database. In the wizard you have the possibility to choose a new empty database or the demo database.

How can I append new cost units/projects or cost unit/project directories to previous ones in the cost unit book?

The Cost Unit Book can be compared with Microsoft's Windows Explorer. The book has a hierarchical structure, where each cost unit directory can contain a certain number of cost units or other cost unit directories, the same way as the file directories can contain different files or other directories. With the menu "Edit" or the buttons in the toolbar you can construct or change the cost unit tree. When appending new cost units or new cost unit directories you must first select the directory at which you want to append the new one. The single steps are described in the Help, in the chapter of the tab sheet "Costs".

How can I shift or copy journal entries in the calendar?

T@imeCalc does not have an entry repetition feature yet, i.e. the journal entries must be filled in one by one. There is however the possibility to shift or duplicate existing journal entries with drags & drops. In the calendar select the week or month view, seize the correspondent journal entry with the mouse pointer and shift or copy (CTRL-key) it when moving the entry to its destination. Note that you can only shift or copy entries if you have the necessary user right.

How can I create a new journal entry directly attached to the previous one without having to know the end-time of the previous entry?

There is no need to look up the end-time of the last journal entry when appending a new one directly to the previous one. In the journal entry dialog move the curser to the "from"-field and press the SHIFT-key. The end-time of the previous journal entry will appear in the field.

How can I provide more space (more lines) for the printout in the reports?

As per default the reports are set to one line per record. If you enter text that is longer than one line it will be cut off. You can extend the number of lines for each record to three. Open the settings dialog (menu extras/settings) and select the register card "Print". Then increase the number of lines in the correspondent field.

How can I delete the Schneider Infosystems Logo on the reports and replace it with my own logo?

You can overwrite the Schneider Infosystems logo with your own one or with an empty picture file. Open the settings dialog which you can find in the menu Extras/Settings. Select afterwards the register card "Print" and browse your file system until you find your logo file. The optimal size of the picture file is 140 (width) and 35 (height) pixels - ratio 1:4. If the ratio of your picture is not 1:4 the picture will be stretched. T@imeCalc accepts the most common picture file formats (*.gif, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.ico, *.emf, *. wmf).

How can I avoid the other collaborators printing or exporting my own journal entries?

The right to export or print out the journal entries of other collaborators can be withdrawn in the individual user right profile. Double click the correspondent user (collaborator) in the register card "User" and within the dialog select the register card "Extras". Then switch off the checkbox "Function Export/Print of all collaborators" if you want the correspondent user to export or print only his own journal entries, and vice versa.

Where can I switch off the right to see the journal entries of other collaborators?

If you don't want collaborators to see each other's journal entries, the super user can switch off the correspondent user right in the user right profiles of the different collaborators. Double click the correspondent user (collaborator) in the register card "User" and within the dialog select the register card "Journal / Calendar". You can assign or withdraw these user rights in the checkbox "Calendar View of all Collaborator Entries" and "Journal View of all Collaborator Entries".

Can T@imeCalc be used from different users in the network simultaneously or is it a one-workstation application?

T@imeCalc is a networking application. It was designed for parallel processing of all the involved collaborators at their workstations. Whereas the program must be installed at every single workstation, the shared database is located either on a workstation too or on a server machine. Database settings can be made in the dialog "Settings" (Menu Extras/Settings) in the register card "Database".

How can I accelerate the start of T@imeCalc if I use Win 2000 Server?

Unfortunately, when using Windows 2000 Server serious performance problems can come up. The problem can be solved with the following two solutions: a) Switch off the Opportunistic Locking of Windows 2000 Server: In the registry branch \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrenControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters set to 0 the entry "Enable Oplocks" Problems: Fast problem solving but may have an effect on the performance of other applications. b) Create a new FAT16 partition on the server for the T@imeCalc-DB with the minimal size of about 16 MB. Copy the database directory X:\TIMECALC\DB to this Partition. Problems: Takes more time than a); the DB-paths of all T@imeCalc-Clients must be adjusted afterwards.

What can I do if problems come up with special characters?

If problems come up with special characters (e.g. ä, ö, ü, è and so on) switch on the BDE special character conversion. You can find this setting in the dialog "settings" (Menu Extra/Settings) on the register card "Database".

What can I do if the T@imeCalc Help does not work properly?

If you have problems starting up the help in the T@imeCalc application it is probably because you work with an elderly Windows version. When using the following Windows OS versions the T@imeCalc help should work without any problems:

Windows 95 / NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer >= 4.0
Windows 98 / ME
Windows 2000 / XP

If your system does not meet the requirements mentioned above, please download the EXE-file from the link below and start the self-installing program. Restart T@imeCalc and the help should work properly now.

Download of Help extension file hhupd.exe

What can I do, if the colors of the cost units are not displayed correctly in the calendar?

When using certain display adapters color display errors may occur in the calendar view. Since the error depends on the display adapter, T@imeCalc can only solve it indirectly: the collaborator patterns must be switched off. To switch off the patterns, select the menu "Extra/Settings" -> in Register card "Calendar" and switch on the checkbox "Pattern draw disable". The collaborator patterns will not be displayed any more. Please orientate yourself through the vertical position of the journal entries in this case.