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T@imeCalc is a shareware product. As a user you are allowed to test the application during 60 days free of charge. After this period you must register at Schneider Infosystems. The license for the current version 1.12 for one workstation costs USD 150.

You can purchase the following supplementary modules at Schneider Infosystems:

For the functions of the single modules please see the correspondent chapters in the Help.

In addition you can order a printed users guide as well as the installation CD.

Please fill in the form below and order T@imeCalc. You will get the bill for your order in the next days via e-mail. As soon as you pay the bill, you will be sent the key for unlimited work with your T@imeCalc.

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Number of licenses of the T@imeCalc Base Program: USD 150 / license
Supplementary Modules: Working Hours Planning Module USD 115 / license
Expenses Module USD 115 / license
Printed Documentation: User's Guide (28 pages, format A4) USD 45 (exclude shipping tax)
Installation CD: CD with current T@imeCalc version USD 30 (exclude shipping tax)
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If you have any questions, please contact Schneider Infosystems directly at info@schneider-infosys.ch

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