Testing the Supplementary Modules with the T@imeCalc Trial Upgrade Version

Apart from T@imeCalc's basic functionality you can purchase the Working Hours Planning Module and the Expenses Module. The price of the T@imeCalc basic system amounts to USD 100, whereas the Working Hours Planning Module and the Expenses Module cost each supplementary USD 75.

During the trial period of 2 months the Working Hours Planning Module and the Expenses Module are not activated and cannot be tested. However, if you fill in the form below and send it to us by pressing on the button at the end of the page, you will get a Trial Upgrade Register Key, which allows you to use the working hours planner and the expenses module for the 60 day trial period. Please benefit from the possibility to test T@imeCalc with the supplementary modules in order to better decide, whether the program really satisfies your requirements. It will take you at most 10 minutes of your precious time and supplies us with useful particulars on how T@imeCalc can be improved.

Please fill in the field belonging to your address and answer the questionnaire below. Then ask for your upgrade-key for the Working Hours Planner via e-mail, by pressing the button at the end of the page. You will immediately receive your demo upgrade key. Thanks for your collaboration!

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T@imeCalc Questionnaire

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